Ken Carman: Entertainer, Educational Service Provider, Writer, Entrepreneur

 (615) 255-4848   Cell: (615)509-9758   In the Adirondacks:  (315)376-6625

Greetings Net Browsers and Internet Adventurers!

   Ken Carman started entertaining children in 1984 with Songtales: musical storytelling with plenty of props, puppets, special effects and lots of participation. In 1988 he started traveling full time Louisiana to Maine. In 1990 Ken started to bring small recording studios into schools for after-schoolers, and even older, to make radio dramas. They choose the heros, the villains and the stars: within reason, They get to make up the sound effects and act out the parts. After a 5 hour editing process they each get a CD, or each family.Ken also has shows that combine the elderly and young children, and for group events: the whole family. In 2006 Ken started doing a recycling puppet show for Metro Davidson County, Nashville, so he's not on the road as much, but please call to see if there's a time Ken might be in your area!

  Also: Ken Carman is a BJCP beer judge, owner of BrewArondack and author of Autocide and Mr. Minor and the Marvelous Mousehouse.

 Autocide, available as an E-book from Barnes and Noble, Amazon and many other retailers, is part comedy, part alternative time line, fictional account of the auto industry in 2020. Autocide is also a light hearted murder mystery.

   Mr. Minor will be published in 2015: an uplifting, fictional, children's story about loss and believing in yourself, based in part on a Junior High public school chorus director from Nyack, New York, in the mid-60s.,